i blog mainly to share my thoughts as i travel through this life, but not for the sake of sharing my thoughts.
i have learned that although it can be difficult to be honest and vulnerable, so often, that is all i have to offer.
i pray that these posts are not snippets of a biography, but of a testimony:
testifying to God’s faithfulness
testifying to God’s grace
testifying to God’s sovereignty over my life.

*the beginning of a new season
*why i have tattoos
*on liminal living

lessons learned:
-treasuring God, from Job 22
passion and power, from John 11
on memory and identity
-contemplating the dangers of seminary
how to choose to be under God’s control
-on guarding your heart
-on proclaiming the Lord, and not myself
needing more than who God is

-song about a new day
india to america
after amherst
on growing up and letting go
remaining wanderlust
-junior year to senior year
-the end of flight benefits
-end of winter break
samoa to california
-on waking up

posts while traveling:
why we travel
-western samoa
>the beginning
>experiential learning
>first homestay
>second half of the program


dream chasing
much world
photographs of life

of doubt:
not knowing
not believing
-remembering when i used to believe

for my friends:
-on freedom, for ellen
-on future and now, for noah
-on initial interest, for rachel
-on the end of relationships, for kellie
-on timing, for laura
-on isaiah 54, for samara
-on remembering, for ben


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